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Fuel Accounting Software Priced Within Your Budget Since 1985
PETRO DATA, INC. Software offers a variety of different benefits to our customers. The one common concern among all Jobbers is the need to save time and money, and the need to comply with State and Federal Fuel Tax Regulations. Here is how some of our customers benefit from our Software for Petroleum Distributors:
We purchased the Fuel Jobber for Direct Delivery Jobbers from Petro-Data after little success with a previous system. Everything is automated from Downloading Racks to Importing Purchase Invoices and everything in between. The system is easy to use and I am very satisfied.  (D. Patel, Prince George, VA)

I have worked for 3 different Jobber companies in the past and they all used Petro-Data Software. Here at Quick Track Fuel, we are currently running 2 separate Jobber Corporations and we are very happy with both the software and the excellent support.
(R. Rijal, Bedford, Texas)

We realized a huge time savings when Petro-Data automated our Cardlock. The State Auditor is very satisfied with our Fuel Tax Audit Reports. We love the Software and the great support. (Monica P, Waxahachie, Texas)

Petro Data modified their Propane Billing software to integrate with our handheld devices in the truck.  Our Propane Billing is now totally automated.  They have been very attentive to our accounting  needs.   (Debbie S., Holliday TX)

With Petro Data we save substantial time managing our satellite locations and our Cardlocks. When we lost our tax 
person, Petro Data was there to show me how to upload our fuel taxes to the State of Florida. Great support! (W. Lewis, Gainesville, Florida)

Petro Data helped us grow from a startup company.   We're saving time and money with the Fuel Suppler Download Modules and we are very  happy with the software and support.  (Sunjay S., Fuel Distributors Inc.)

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