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Welcome to the Petro-Data Version 3.0 Portal !

Many of you have already been to our main web site.  The Customer Support Portal is for customers and prospects alike.  As we grow this site, we plan on posting support content like check lists, documentation, and solutions to common problems.   For now, we are showcasing Version 3.0 of our software.   There is no doubt that Petro-Data is number 1 in providing the best support in the Jobber Software Industry (at least that is what our customers tell us).  This site will be an extension of that and once again prove that we deserve our number 1 ranking.

About Version 3.0

Petro-Data is totally committed to upgrading our software to keep up with customer demand and the latest in technology.  Our software is user friendly system and comes with the best support in the industry.  However, we still want to have the best software features in the industry. To this end, we have released Version 3.0.  This software upgrade is provides many new cost saving benefits to our customers.   You may click on the links to the different modules to view or even download the descriptions of the new modules.   If you have any questions, call Petro-Data at 210-545-4774.

Summary of Version 3.0 Features:

Improved Interface:    Clickable Menus, input screens, and reports..

Feature:    Laser Forms turn a white piece of paper into a professional form and with your Logo on  top.
Benefit:     Saving on forms expense and professional looking documents enhance your company image.                
Feature:    Mass Email option allows you to email all important documents to your customers.
Benefit:     Gives you an advantage over your competitors and keeps your customers happy.  Enormous 
                  savings on postage!

Feature:    All Updates and Reports can be saved in our Reports catalogue on disk.
Benefit:     Eco-friendly features save paper and allow you to easily find a document when you need it.

Feature:    Automatic calculation of freight, other sales charges, and other purchase charges.
Benefit:     Control freight and make it a cost center.  Protect your margin by making sure everything is 
                 billed back to our customer.

Feature:   New software modules that we have developed over the last few years that offer solutions
                  to unique problems.
Benefit:      Use the latest modules to save time, money, and stay on the leading edge of technology.

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