Fuel Tax Changes

2023 Publication 15
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Welcome to the Petro Data, Inc. End of Year Documentation Page!

Many of you have already been to our home page.  This Web Page is for users of the Petro Data Complete Jobber Software System though visitors are more than welcome.  On this site we will post the latest PDF files for End of Year accounting procedures.    Please bookmark this Web Page.  All EOY documents for December 2022 will be posted here as the information becomes available to us.  We wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2023!

Payroll Appendix and PR Year End

The Payroll Tax Change document has instructions for changing PR tax rates.

The Payroll Appendix contains instructions for Various PR Functions like Closing the Year, Bonuses, Fringe Benefits, etc.. 

The IRS has released  Publication 15T with the withholding Tables.
  Payroll Tax Changes
Bad Debt Write Off and Customer Labels

Most companies write off their Bad Debts at the End of the year.  Here are some things to consider.

   Bad Debt Writeoff

Remove Fuel Tax Exemptions

This is the time of the year when your customers must submit new certificates for fuel tax exemptions.  To comply with the law, you must remove their exemptions until you get their paperwork.
Remove Exemptions​
Year End Processing Tips

A few reminders of what you need to do each module for End of Year.
Our Holiday schedule is also enclosed in this document.
Year End Processing​
1099s and 1099Ks

Instructions for vendor 1099s.
Instructions for 1099K for credit card dealers.  Contact Petro-Data if you are under legal obligation to file your 1099Ks electronically.
1099s for Vendors
1099Ks for Dealers
   Customer Labels

Fuel Tax Changes​ 

This document shows you how to change fuel tax changes and how to input an effective date if necessary.  
Payroll Appendix